Welcome to Clover Joy Collective!

We’re glad you’re here. 

Clover Joy Collective is an experience for those on their spiritual journeys. As a retail space accompanied by our Wellness Center, our atmosphere is welcoming and nourishing to all who enter.

Our unique shop offers hand-crafted jewelry, candles, crystals, and more for those seeking spiritual connection, guidance, and tools.

Our Wellness Center, outfitted with intimate spaces for community events and spiritual rituals, is a place for workshops, healing sessions, drum circles, meditation groups, sound baths, and more. We are a community rooted in love, and we have an honor and respect for ancient spiritual wisdom in all that we offer. 

By supporting Clover Joy Collective, you’re supporting a Black woman-owned small business. At our core, we are a retreat for the spiritually curious and those wishing to experience healing, peace, love and belonging. 

We’re thrilled you found us, and we look forward to helping you on your journey. 

Please note, our online store continues to catch up with our in-store inventory. If you are ever looking for something specific that you don't see on our website, please send us a message through our contact form!



Our new Wellness Center, which is an extension of Clover Joy Collective, is a place for both the community and spiritual practitioners. Each space within the Wellness Center was created to support the community through spiritual offerings such as Reiki, tarot/oracle readings, psychic & mediumship readings, ceremony, ritual and meditation. 

Our Wellness Center also has a space for community event rentals, such as small parties or workshops. The Wellness Center rooms can be rented by practitioners or individuals from the community. 

For details regarding each space and to book, visit our Wellness Center page.



Clover Joy Collective hosts accessible monthly events for the community to attend. Our events focus on creating space for the celebrating and learning about the diverse ways to care for our minds, bodies and souls. To view what’s on the schedule, visit our Wellness Center page.


Essential Oil Rollers

Essential Oil Rollers

Ally and Bry have been using essential oil rollers for years, as... 



Our soap collections are hand-crafted by Bry and Ally. They are meant to be... 


Terie has a basement full of craft projects. While Bryana didn't quite get the creative bug when it comes to jewelry-making, she has the vision and creative spirit to design beautiful pieces of jewelry infused with crystal healing energy. Together, Bry and Terie have created beautiful pieces of wearable art! May this jewelry be a reminder that you are co-Creators with the Divine, and with a little time, love, and intention you can unearth the power within yourself to HEAL. <3



Bry creates the design and inspiration for each unique piece of jewelry,... 

  • Kayla

    Clover Joy products are the absolute best! My favorites are the love roller & the rose water spray. They smell so good and I know they were made with quality and care. <3

  • Harleigh

    I love ALL of my Clover Joy products! The rose spray, candles, rollers, soaps, all of it smells so amazing. I also love that each product is made with so much thought and intention.

  • Meg

    Bry ain't lying when she says she creates these products with intention!! I did a little money spell with her abundance candle and I receive da money miracle later that afternoon!

Note: We curate each product based on our intuition. While the purpose of each product (ex. Wisdom, Abundance, Healing, etc.) will not change, the oils and fragrances used in them may change slightly over time. If this happens, it will be made clear in the product description. If you are on our mailing list, you will also receive notification when scents change, and have the opportunity to purchase the limited quantity available of the previous fragrance.