As we approach the other side of a global pandemic, along with the continued visibility of racial injustice, we've been given the opportunity to pause, and perhaps even change our perspective about certain things. But, for many of us, it’s also as if we’ve hit the turbo button on our lives. More meetings, more books, more book studies, more workshops, more, well, EVERYTHING. We have been socialized into believing that the more we DO, the more we BECOME. That’s a lie, and will lead us to exhaustion, overwhelm, and maybe even burnout. 

I have dedicated the last five years to unpacking my racial identity development and leaning into my own spiritual curiosity with love and grace. After working with many clients for over two years on increasing their race-consciousness and leaning into authentic racial equity work, I realized that there was something missing. It seemed impossible for my clients to cultivate authentic action without addressing their need for individual healing and critical self-reflection.

The process of healing and critical self-reflection can feel like a really long, hard and lonely journey. It requires us to move through what Resmaa Menakem calls "clean pain". Essentially that means embracing the yucky and painful, knowing that there is liberation, freedom and transformation on the other side. I dreamt of an inclusive community that centers women of color and welcomes people who are on a similar journey towards healing and love, who may have been harmed by spiritual community. One that honors the wisdom of our ancestors. One that names systemic oppression and challenges the harmful narratives that have been birthed out of it. I came together with my sister, Ally, and our mom, Terie to create a spiritual shop and community wellness collective that offers individuals various tools and support to aide in their healing process.

My vision is to create a Spiritual Container, where women are actively engaging in their own soul-expansion that has a ripple effect out into their communities and into the World. Where they can come to remember, to be empowered, and to grow together. Where they can tap into our ancestral wisdom for healing and self-care. 

My hope is that this simple store and wellness center feels like community to each and every person who visits. My hope is that Clover Joy products can be a small part of your journey to remembering the power and love within YOU. <3


MEET .....

Clover Joy's Chief Artisans; the healing and crafty hands behind all the Clover Joy magic!

The love for all things creative and artsy runs in the Clover family. Terie has shared her love of art with her children, and it just so happened to lead to a beautiful opportunity for them to craft and create together for a common goal: spread healing, love, and joy to others.

Bry creates the candles, EO rollers, and ritual pouches, while Terie and Ally each craft the products that match their gifts and intuiion. Creating these products brings us so much joy and healing.

  • Terie (Mom)

    Jewelry, Smudge Sticks

    Terie is from a small town in Michigan where she started creating in 4-H when she was only 8 or 9 years old.  She learned to sew and knit and over the years she has created many wearable pieces.  While Terie's love of crafts and art started at a young age, it wasn't always financially practical due to her family's other more important needs. Terie's interest continued to grow as she got older and she wanted to learn to create almost everything she saw others creating so that is exactly what she did!  Everything that Terie has learned about art is researched and self-taught. 

    Terie has been married for 40 years, has three children (Ally and Bry are her daughters!) and is “Gigi” to three beautiful grandchildren. Crafting continues to be a regular hobby, and Terie continues to try new and exciting mediums of art. She specializes in mixed media art, and she also loves to create jewelry, knitted items, and knotted items.  

    Terie has recently retired and is excited to devote more time to the things she loves to do (including creating Clover Joy products!), share her love of art with her grandchildren, and continue to check more things off of her bucket list.

  • Ally (Sister/Daughter)

    Soap, Wax Melts, EO Rollers

    Ally has had a life-long dream to create something meaningful and sacred with the amazing and powerful women in her life. Ally is a certified recreational therapist and has spent many years working with diverse clients from those re-entering life after a brain injury, to the children's psychiatric ward at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

    Ally had the wedding of her dreams to her life-partner, Matthew in 2018, and not too long after that, they welcomed their first and second child- both girls!! Ally's pride and joy is being a SAHM to Aspen (2yrs) and Ivy (9mos).

    Ally has spent many days manifesting an opportunity to support women and mothers in some way, while being home with her girls. Clover Joy is one way that she gets to create products that support women in all the ways: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. The best part? She gets to do it with her mom and sister! She hopes that Clover Joy creations help women to find their JOY through healing.