Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center is a hub for community events hosted by the Clover Joy Collective, as well as a place for local practitioners and individuals from the community to rent. Practitioners can use these spaces for personal use or to host sessions with their own clients. Throughout the year, Clover Joy Collective will also host events in collaboration with community practitioners.


Community Events

Clover Joy Collective will host workshops throughout the year focused on a variety of spiritual practices and rituals. Within these events, we integrate Western and Eastern healing modalities and hold space for the spiritually curious to deconstruct and reconstruct their spirituality and/or faith system. We amplify the expertise of BILPOC healers, medicine women, and practitioners, and host community meditation circles, sound baths, and weekend retreats.

Everyone is welcome. To explore our monthly events, please swipe through the calendar below.

Our Rooms

The rooms within our Wellness Center are available for practitioners and individuals from the community to rent. Each room varies in space from our cozy Meditation Rooms to our open Community Room.

Community Room

As our largest space, our Community Room is perfect for practitioners to use with clients and for small events, such as baby showers or community workshops. Details of this room are below.

Additionally, we energetically cleanse the space before and after it is used.


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Community Room Details

  • Access to a kitchenette with a sink, mini refrigerator and microwave
  • Water and snacks provided (although you are welcome to bring light refreshments)
  • Work area for setting up food tables
  • Accessible bathroom for individuals with disabilities
  • LCD flat-screen TV with a laptop hookup
  • Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite playlist
  • Pillows and meditation mats
  • Comfortable seating

Meditation Room

Our Meditation Room can be booked by practitioners or individuals. The room, which has a capacity for up to three people, will be set up differently depending on who rents it. 


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Meditation Room Details for Practitioners

  • Practitioner table and chair available upon request
  • Reiki table available upon request (room enough to access 3 of 4 sides of the table)
  • Pillows and meditation mats available upon request
  • Sand foot bath available upon request
  • Ethically sourced sage or palo santo (your choice!)
  • Bluetooth speaker to be connected to practitioner’s phone/tablet
  • Access to the kitchenette with sink, mini refrigerator and microwave, water cooler (cold and hot water)
  • Handicap accessible bathroom

Meditation Room Details for Clover Joy Collective Clients

  • Meditation and chakra healing music played over in-room speaker
  • Pillows and meditation mats available upon request
  • Zero-gravity chairs available upon request
  • Access to our store Oracle card collection for use during your stay
  • Handicap accessible bathroom
  • Extras include sand meditation tray; themed packages for love, healing, abundance or relaxation; scented warming eye masks

Reiki Healing

Our Reiki Room is a dedicated space for our in-house Reiki practitioner, Bryana, to offer Reiki healing sessions.

Bryana is initiated and acknowledged by the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. She’s received her First and Second Degree of Reiki attunement and is eighth generation from Dr. Usui himself.

If you're curious to learn more about Reiki, see the details below.

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

  • Reiki is a universal life force that all of us have access to. One of our favorite explanations of Reiki comes from the book Magick of Reiki by Christopher Penczak: "The 'ki' in 'Rei-ki' refers to the energy component. Different cultures recognize life energy and call it by different names. This life force is found everywhere and in all things, including people, animals and plants. It sustains us. The energy is universal, denoted by the 'rei' in 'Rei-ki', not personal. The universal part of the Reiki definition signifies not only that this basic energy is found in everything, universally, but also that as a system of healing, we are drawing upon this energy from the universe, which is limitless and ever abundant, rather than drawing upon our own personal 'ki' or that of another person, animal plant or object."
  • It is a safe Japanese Holistic Healing Energy that works to create relaxation and balance at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Note: Reiki is an energetic healing modality, and does not replace medical and psychological care.
  • Learn more here: https://www.reiki.org/faqs/what-history-reiki

What does Reiki feel like?

Reiki treatment experience varies from person to person. Typically, Reiki treatment promotes relaxation and comfort for those who experience it. Others who have described their reiki treatment share the following experiences:

  • Relaxed, Calm, and Peaceful
  • Movement of arms, hands, legs, or feet
  • Tingling Sensation
  • Warmth or Coolness
  • Relief of Pain
  • Release of Emotions
  • See Colors or Images
  • Receive Messages

What are the benefits of Reiki healing?

  • Promotes balance and relaxation in the body and spirit
  • Helps one feel spiritually connected
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes more awareness


Are you a practitioner who wants to share your gifts with the community, and need a safe and brave space to do so? We are looking to collaborate with local practitioners to offer community workshops and healing sessions. Our goal is to amplify the expertise of BILPOC and womxn healers, medicine womxn and other spiritual practitioners. These would not be of any cost to the practitioner. We will make offerings to the community that are financially accessible. Meaning, we would agree upon a per-person cost and offer a sliding scale option. We would share the proceeds of these offerings in a manner that feels fair and equitable.

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Future Workshop Topics

The following workshop topics below is just the start of what we are manifesting for this space. If any of these are within your expertise, please send us a message via our contact form.

  • Stone medicine and the energetic (and scientific) benefits of crystals
  • Integrating Western and Eastern healing modalities
  • Holding space for the spiritually curious to deconstruct and reconstruct their spirituality and/or faith system
  • Creating sacred candles with ritual
  • Building sacred space with ritual

Future Community Healing Events

We continue to expand this list as we learn from and engage in diverse spiritual modalities- all with the goal of loving our physical and spiritual body, mind and soul.

  • Meditation Circles
  • Sound Baths
  • Yoga
  • Weekend retreats
  • Drum circles

Collaborate with Bryana

Are you looking for a guest practitioner to lead workshops, trainings and other spiritual and race equity services? We've listed Bry's expertise and passions below. If you are interested in collaborating with, or hiring Bry, please send us a message via our contact form!

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Liberatory Embodiment Program

Liberatory Embodiment is a spiritual practice to activate and literally call in the particular vision of what it is you are birthing in the world, the very clear channel of identity of this desire and all of its present pieces. It helps you get incredibly detailed about where you are going, your game plan on what you are creating, and the emotions connected to the vision  you are moving towards. Join our waitlist here to be notified when enrollment opens up!

Bry's Expertise and Passions

  • Reiki healer (Bryana is initiated and acknowledged by the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. She’s received her First and Second Degree of Reiki attunement, and is eighth generation from Dr. Usui.)
  • Group or individual meditation facilitator
  • Guest speaker on topics of race equity
  • Race equity training facilitator
  • Race equity organizational assessments
  • 1:1 Executive/Management coaching for DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion,
  • justice)- includes strategic planning and facilitation expertise
  • 1:1 coaching based on lived experience

Areas of Interest

  • Woman entrepreneur
  • Leaving the corporate vortex
  • Bi-racial Black woman
  • From religion to spirituality
  • Racial identity development
  • Working and worshipping in predominately white spaces
  • Most common clients are white and BILPOC women


  • Creating magical candles
  • Formulating magical essential oil blends
  • Creating sacred spaces (includes organizational expertise)