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Grounding Candle

Grounding Candle

w/ Chamomile and Lavender

Ingredients: Beeswax & Fragrance oil

*Remove the crystals and botanicals before burning your candle. Also note: Your candle will contain an abundance crystal (or a few!). Types of crystal varies between the crystals mentioned in description.

8 oz.

Lavender Properties

  • Wards off evil spirits
  • Promotes peace and purification

Chamomile Properties

  • Chamomile use has been documented as far back as the ancient Egyptians.
  • In Egypt, it was associated with the gods of the sun and used in treatment of diseases as well as the mummification process.
  • Healing properties
  • Purification and protection
  • Sleep and meditation
  • Use when trying to get calmed and centered- blend with lavender if you'd like a restful sleep and calming dreams

Smoky Quartz*

Transmuting negative energy to positive energy. Amplifying positive energy. Grounding, and detoxifying. Connecting all the chakras to balance energies, connection to higher guidance and the Divine.


Aura cleansing, grounding, releasing anger and resentment, protection against negative energy.


May I be calm and centered as I seek to connect with my Higher Self and to Divine wisdom. 

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